Blogs and Blogging News Archives: Page 3

This is page 3 of the blogs and blogging news archives.

How Much Money Do Bloggers Make? (June 27, 2007): Paula Neal Mooney has a big list the includes the earnings of a number of bloggers.

Blog Launched to Help Departing SF Chronicle Employees (June 8, 2007): Recently, the San Francisco Chronicle announced plans to cut 100 editorial positions -- about 1/4 of the newspaper's editorial staff -- by summer's end.

Millions of Dead Blogs Won't Stop Blogging (June 6, 2007): The Tuscaloosa News has an interesting article that says cyberspace is becoming littered with dead blogs.

Columnist Calls Blogging Air Guitar Journalism (May 7, 2007): Sunday Times columnist David Bullard has written an article about blogs for the Sunday Times that qualifies as pure blog pessimism.

Cruise Director John Heald Planning Blogger's Cruise (May 3, 2007): An MSNBC article discusses cruise director John Heald's hit travel blog.

Blogging Can Get You Hired (April 11, 2007): The Wall Street Journal has an article about how blogging can land you a job.

Bloggers React to the Blogger's Code of Conduct (April 9, 2007): The big discussion today in the blogosphere is about a proposed Blogger's Code of Conduct.

Olive Riley Is Blogging at Age 107 (April 3, 2007): ABC Western Queensland has a great story about 107-year-old Olive Riley who is the world's oldest blogger.

Guardian Says Some People Are Blogging Less (March 27, 2007): The Guardian has an article that says many people are blogging off and abandoning their blogs or not posting as much as they used to.

Who Blogged the Very First Post? (March 20, 2007): Who blogged the very first post of all-time? Who is the blog father? CNET has an article about the start of blogging that includes an interesting timeline on blogging.

Anna Wintour Hates the Word Blog (March 17, 2007): Pagesix reports that Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue who is now famous for being loosely portrayed in the The Devil Wears Prada, has expressed her displeasure of the word

Wounded Soldier Blogging From Walter Reed (March 15, 2007): A wounded soldier has started a blog about life inside the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Calvin Klein Targets Social Networking Teens with IN2U Fragrance (March 8, 2007): Calvin Klein is targeting the young blogging and text messaging crowd with a new fragrance called CK in2u and a new social network called What Are You IN2?.

Would You Pay to Subscribe to a Blog? (March 5, 2007): Will a blogging subscription model emerge in the future? Are there enough readers willing to pay for a blog.

WSJ Looks at the Blogging Profession (March 4, 2007): The Wall Street Journal has an article analyzing what the job of blogger entails.

Google Reader, MyYahoo, Bloglines, NewsGator and Netvibes Dominating Feed Market (February 22, 2007): Most publishers found that their RSS subscriber counts jumped a healthy 20-50% earlier this week when Google Reader started reporting subscriber counts.

Blogging Tip: Squirrel Some Blog Nuts Away To Use Later (February 20, 2007): Daily Blog Tips suggests professional bloggers should keep some pre-written blog posts around for use during an emergency.

Former Gizmodo Editor Blasts Gadget Bloggers and Gadget Nerds (February 17, 2007): Gizmodo editor emeritus Joel Johnson has blasted gadget bloggers and gadget nerds in a new rant posted on Gizmodo called Horshoes and Hand Grenades.

Subscriber Counts Jump as Google Releases Feed Suscriber Data (February 17, 2007): Thanks to new numbers from Google Reader we may be able to answer TechCrunch's question about just how big Google Reader is from a few weeks.

How Much Can You Make From Blogging? (February 5, 2007): The Christian Science Monitor has an article that looks at what bloggers can make from their blogs.