Blogs and Blogging News Archives: Page 3

This is page 3 of the blogs and blogging news archives.

Guardian Says Some People Are Blogging Less (March 27, 2007): The Guardian has an article that says many people are blogging off and abandoning their blogs or not posting as much as they used to.

Who Blogged the Very First Post? (March 20, 2007): Who blogged the very first post of all-time? Who is the blog father? CNET has an article about the start of blogging that includes an interesting timeline on blogging.

WSJ Looks at the Blogging Profession (March 4, 2007): The Wall Street Journal has an article analyzing what the job of blogger entails.

Blogging Tip: Squirrel Some Blog Nuts Away To Use Later (February 20, 2007): Daily Blog Tips suggests professional bloggers should keep some pre-written blog posts around for use during an emergency.

How Much Can You Make From Blogging? (February 5, 2007): The Christian Science Monitor has an article that looks at what bloggers can make from their blogs.

Blogging is a Social Activity in Asia (December 2, 2006): Digital Media Asia reports on a new study that finds blogging is a social phenomenon in Asia.

The State of the Blogosphere and Posting Frequency (November 6, 2006): David Sifry, the CEO and founder of Technorati, has a new State of the Blogosphere post.

How to Talk Yourself Out of Becoming a Blogger (September 17, 2006): We certainly aren't going to dissuade you from blogging here on Bloggers Blog but we will point out this one how to article.

Blogging Mistakes to Avoid (August 25, 2006): You can improve your blog's performance and avoid pitfalls by learning to avoid mistakes that thousands of other bloggers have already made.

Some Bloggers Blog Out (August 24, 2006): Wayne Hurlbert has an article at WebProNews about blog out.

Things That Make You a Blog Addict (August 22, 2006): Are you a blog addict? Shai Coggins has posted a funny list of things that show you are probably a genuine blog addict to her About Weblogs site.

Sploid Gone Forever (August 16, 2006): Gawker Media's Sploid posted a link-filled goodbye post today claiming they are going the way of the dodo.

China Censors Blogs by Tibetan Poet (August 5, 2006): Reporters Without Borders has condemned the Chinese government's censorship of two blogs (http://oser.

Popularity of Colbert Video Shows the Power of Blogs (May 15, 2006): Not many people usually watch the White House Correspondents Association Dinner.

DOPA Would Ban MySpace, IMs, Blogs at Schools and Libraries (May 11, 2006): CNET reports that some Republican lawmakers including Mike Fitzpatrick and House Speaker Dennis Hastert, are proposing a new law that would ban minors' access to commercial websites that "let users create public 'Web pages or profiles'.

Steve Pavlina Provides Blogging for Money Tips (May 3, 2006): Steve Pavlina blogs that he is now making $200 a day from his blog.

How Much Can Bloggers Make Per Month? (April 19, 2006): The Wall Street Journal has posted a conversation between Alan Meckler, the CEO of Jupitermedia Inc.

The Internet as a Giant Headline Competition (April 10, 2006): Sometimes the Internet feels like a giant headline competition.

The Bloggiest Newspapers (March 21, 2006): Pressthink has a feature on the best blogging newspapers in the U.

Latest Gallup Poll Has Good and Bad News for Blogs (February 7, 2006): Editor & Publisher has an article on the latest Gallup Poll with contains both good and bad news for blog lovers and blog haters.