Music News

Diane Silberstein Named Publisher of Opera News (May 17, 2014): Diane Silberstein has been named publisher of Opera News. Opera News is published by the Metropolitan Opera Guild.

Tony Gervino Named Editor-in-Chief of Billboard (April 30, 2014): Tony Gervino is the new Editor-in-Chief of Billboard. He was previously executive editor of Hearts Magazines International.

Rolling Stone Under Fire for Boston Bomber Cover (July 17, 2013): Rolling Stone is under fire for its cover featuring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The magazine usually features musicians on the cover.

Vevo to Honor Most-Watched Videos With Certified Award (June 7, 2012):

NewBay Media Acquires Three Magazines From Future US (January 22, 2012):

YouTube Launches Top 100 Music Chart (May 11, 2011):

Vibe Magazine Ceases Publication (July 2, 2009):

Twitter Song: Tweet Tweet Twitter (June 27, 2009):

Two Country Music Magazines Close (June 7, 2009):

Independent Music Magazine Plan B Ceases Publication (May 23, 2009):

Alpha Media Folds Print Version of Blender (April 18, 2009): Web Portal Debuts (March 18, 2008):

Next New Networks Acquires (November 8, 2007):

Conde Nast Launches Movies Rock Magazine (November 7, 2007):

Radiohead Sells Album Directly to Fans (October 1, 2007):

Global Live Earth Concerts Break Records (July 9, 2007):

Indie Labels Using Blogs to Boost Music Sales (April 1, 2007):

Future of TRL in Doubt (February 17, 2007):

MTV to Dump 250 Jobs (February 13, 2007):

Singers Mia Rose, Ashley Tisdale, Terra Naomi Build YouTube Audience (January 28, 2007):

CBS to Launch Digital Record Label (December 15, 2006):

Universal Music Sues MySpace (November 18, 2006):

YouTube Cuts Warner Music Deal as Video Wars Intensify (September 19, 2006):

Universal Music Group Backs Ad-based Music Store (August 31, 2006):

Warner Music Group and the Long Tail (June 15, 2006):