Political News Archives: Page 2

This is page 2 of the political news archives.

Former President Bill Clinton is Blogging (July 19, 2007): Former President Bill Clinton is blogging on the Join the Journey website.

GOP Candidate Ron Paul Finds Impressive Online Support (July 17, 2007): GOP candidate Ron Paul has amassed a large number of web savvy supporters.

TechPresident Debuts to Cover Technical Aspect of 2008 Presidential Race (February 12, 2007): A new blog called TechPresident is covering how presidential candidates are using technology and the Internet.

Senator Barack Obama Launches Social Network (February 11, 2007): Senator Barack Obama recently announced that he will be running for president in 2008.

Tom Delay and the Ghost Bloggers (December 17, 2006): Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay recently launched a blog at TomDelay.

Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay Now a Blogger (December 11, 2006): The US News' Washington Whispers reports that Tom Delay has launched a blog.

Blogs and Exit Poll Data (November 7, 2006): Everybody wants the exit poll data and a Wall Street Journal story says the news media is determined to keep exit poll data from leaking into the blogosphere.

Citizens Using Web to Monitor and Record the Elections (November 7, 2006): The Internet has added multiple new methods for allowing the public to monitor voting problems.

Video the Vote (November 6, 2006): If you want to participate in all the voting-related citizen journalism projects you will need both your digital camera and your camcorder.

Photobloggers To Capture Democracy in Action (November 2, 2006): AIGA, a professional association for designers, has launched the Polling Place Photo Project.

Variety Launches Political Blog (November 1, 2006): Variety has launched a new blog called Wilshire & Washington.

AOL Launches Political Blog Network (October 17, 2006): Add another one to the growing list of blogs launching to cover the midterm elections.

BBC Launches US Midterms Blog (October 11, 2006): The BBC has joined in on the US midterm election fun with a new blog called The Reporters: US mid-terms.

Cute Little Elephants and Donkeys Required on New Political Blogs (September 26, 2006): Mainstream media outlets are busy launching political blogs.

New York Times Launches The Caucus (September 12, 2006): The New York Times has launched a new political blog called The Caucus.

New Republic Terminates Lee Siegel's Blog (September 2, 2006): The New Republic announced that they have suspended Lee Siegel and terminated his blog, Lee Siegel on Culture.

Some Bloggers Doubt Ken Lay Died (July 10, 2006): Most blogs still discussing Ken Lay's death or discussing how he died and what will happen to his money.

The Truth's Out: Rove Not Indicted (June 17, 2006): Earklier this week Karl Rove was given the news that he will not be charged in the ongoing cia leak scandal.

Donald Trump Starts Blogging (August 11, 2005): Donald Trump has started a blog, called The Trump Blog, which provides business and marketing advice.

Poll: 44% of Adults Read Politics Blog (April 18, 2005): A new Harris Interactive Poll has found that 44% of adults have read a political blog and 27% read them once a month or more.