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Here are the latest posts about Tom Clancy on The Write News:

Internet Pirates Target Top Authors
Publishers and authors have been concerned that the illegal delivery of books over the Internet would occur in the future. (August 24, 2001)

Tom Clancy Politika Website Unveiled
Headland Digital Media and Berkley Publishing Group, both Pearson plc companies, announced the launch of the Politika Web site to support the Berkley paperback release of Tom Clancy's Power Plays: Politika. (November 5, 1997)

Berkley to Publish Companion Novels for Tom Clancy TV Miniseries
The Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Putnam Inc. (August 21, 1997)

Pearson Announces Deal With Clancy's Red Storm Entertainment
Pearson plc, through The Penguin Group, has announced a long-term strategic agreement with Red Storm Entertainment Inc. (August 4, 1997)

New Tom Clancy Novel Packaged With Interactive Game Mini CD
The Berkley Publishing Group today announced that it will release Tom Clancy's new novel, Politika. (July 18, 1997)