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This is page 2 of the tech news archives. Now Providing URLs (September 4, 2009): Business Insider reports that Bit.

Esquire's Electronic Cover (September 18, 2008): Esquire's October 2008 cover will be made with E-ink technology.

Tech Companies Turn Widgets Into Ads (May 17, 2007): It has been expected in the tech community that eventually retailers and marketers would have to pay to get bloggers and website owners to put more commerical and marketing-focused widgets on their sites.

CNET and TechCrunch in Cross-Snipe (November 29, 2006): A snarky post on CNET by CNET's Caroline McCarthy said that TechCrunch needs a copy editor because a Crunchnotes post misspelled BitTorrent in the headline.

Google Negotiating to Stop Copyright Lawsuits (November 3, 2006): The Financial Times reports that Google is in a "frantic round" of negotiations to halt the removal of copyrighted videos from YouTube.

Google in Talks to Buy YouTube (October 6, 2006): Michael Arrington blogged earlier today about an email he received about a possible Google purchase of YouTube.

Microsoft Launches MSN Soapbox (September 21, 2006): Microsoft has announced the launch of a video sharing service called MSN Soapbox.

Flexible Viewing Devices Will Change Media Experience (August 23, 2006): Vnunet.

News Websites in 2016 (May 10, 2006): The Wall Street Journal has an article about what the perfect news site might look like in ten years.

5,000 Products on Display at E3Expo (May 6, 2005): More than 1,000 computer and video games and related products will make their debut at the 11th annual Electronic Entertainment Expo 2005 (E3Expo) May 18 - 20, according to exhibitor survey data released by the show's owner, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

Yahoo Combines Blogging With Community Services (March 25, 2005): Yahoo has announced Yahoo! 360, a new service that combines several Yahoo community and networking tools.

The Deal and News.Com Announce Content Deal (March 4, 2005): The Deal LLC, a business news provider, and CNET News.

Bookeen Releases Multi-Format Electronic Book (January 7, 2005): Bookeen has announced the launch of the Cybook, a multi-format open ebook reading device.

Singingfish Launches Audio and Video Search Engine (December 10, 2004): Singingfish, Inc.

SSC to Launch Magazine for Linux Users (December 3, 2004): SSC Publishing has announced the launch of a new monthly print and online publication, TUX, which will be targeted at Linux users.

Vivisimo Launches Search Site (October 29, 2004): Vivisimo, a provider of clustering and meta-search software for organizing search results, has unveiled Clusty.

New Regional Magazine Launches in Silicon Valley (October 29, 2004): Silicon Valley Magazine is glossy new magazine that will cover the the people, places, businesses, non-profits, arts, and technologies that comprise te Silicon Valley region.

LookSmart Acquires (October 8, 2004): LookSmart, an Internet search company, has announced the acquisition of Furl.

Ziff Davis to Launch ExtremeTech in October (July 30, 2004): Ziff Davis Media Inc.

CNET and New York Times Announce Content Relationship (July 23, 2004): CNET, a technology media company, and New York Times Digital, the Internet division of the New York Times Company, announced that CNET will provide product review content and shopping functionality for both the NYTimes.